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The maker-in-residence is a programme to get acquainted with the lab, its tools and materials and get students going on their self-directed-learning track.


Date Summary Maker(s) Topic(s) Report(s)
21.10.2019 Arduino, LED strip & potentiometer Jasper Bunschoten Arduino, LED strips, ultrasonic (distance) sensor, potentiometer Maker-in-residence report Jasper Bunschoten
28.10.2019 TouchDesigner Peter Polacsek & Lennard Schaack TouchDesigner, feedback, particles, sound-reactive, typography Lab week - TouchDesigner
28.10.2019 SoundTable Niovi Chatzipoufli Arduino, synthesizer, sound table, capacitive sensors, touchboard LabMakers: Sound table
31.10.2019 Interactive board game MacKayla van Binsbergen, Katy Barnard & Pamela Nelson Arduino, halloween, capacitive sensing, game design, 3d printing Interactive Board Game: Humans vs. Zombies
03.12.2019 Machine Learning for Creators Gabriela Onu & Kent de Bruin Runway ML, Machine learning, A.I. Runway ML - Machine Learning for Creators
15.12.2019 Runway ML Richard Lundquist Machine learning, A.I., Runway ML Maker-in-residence report Richard Lundquist
27.01.2020 3D printing Danny Nguyen, Leila Farhood & Matthijs Nolst Trenité 3D printing Maker-in-residence report Danny Nguyen, Leila Farhood and Matthijs Nolst Trenité
28.09.2020 Playing with Arduino Marie-Claire Springham Playing with Arduino Maker-in-residence report Marie-Claire Springham
23.10.2020 Live generated audiovisuals Joey van Gessel Ableton, Max and Arduino MIR Raport by Joey van Gessel
28.10.2020 Raspberry Pi QR-Code Scanning Bo Wolters Raspberry Pi,, Integromat, Figma MIR Raport by Bo Wolters
02.11.2020 Riso Printer Julia van Hulst What is Riso?, Preparation, Printing MIR Raport by Julia van Hulst
sept-dec 2021 Teachable Machines, Machine learning, PJ5 editor, Javascript Lorena Rege Turo & Marianna Bonellou From Gesture to music Handmeasound