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Handy links
Selection of tools not organized yet

Figma plugins

Plugin for find
Unsplash - (
Material Design Icons - (
Lorem ipsum - (
Chart - (
Google Sheets Sync - (
Color Palettes - (
Wireframe - (
Viewports - (
Anima - (
Iconify 40.000+ icons

Chrome extensions

Extension for find
CSS Peeper Extract CSS (
SVG-grabber Extract SVG (
Muzli Stay Inspired (
WhatFont Extract text CSS (
Site Palette Extract Colors (
Full Page Screen Capture Full Page Screen Capture (
Smallpdf Edit, Compress and Convert PDF (
Hypothesis Shared Web & PDF Annotation


Tool for find
Color Space Color Palettes (
Color Hunt Color Palettes (
Gradient Hunt Gradient Color Palettes (
Egg Gradient Gradient Color Palettes (
Color Drop Color Palettes (
Picular Color Palettes (
Hue Snap Color Palettes (
Color Adobe Color Palettes + tools
Colorsinspo Color Palettes + tools (
Coolors Color Palettes
Scheme color Premade color pallets
Colour lovers Premade color pallets
Color names Get the name of a color
Ui gradients Create css for gradient
Color pallete generator Create / search color palettes
Web gradients Web safe gradients


Tool for find
Google fonts free fonts with CDN
Glyphter Create your own icon font
Fontello Generate icon font
Font combinator Find quick basic font combinations

Images / Illustrations

Tool for find
Pexels Licence-free stock photos
Lorem picsum Easy licence-free images for webdev
Humaaans Mix & match illustrations of humans
Open peeps Hand draw humans
Instant logo search Find known brand logos
Ouch Free vector illustrations
Undraw Free vector illustrations


Tool for find
Animate.css Webdev css premade animations
Easing cheatsheet Quick overview (+code) of easings


Tool for find
Neumorphism Generate soft UI shadow
Background patterns Basic css background shapes


Tool for find
Grid print Printable grids for fast prototyping
The mockup club Free mockups


Tool for find
Blobmaker Generate SVG blobs
Shape divider Generate dividers HTML + CSS or SVG
Svg Wave Generate SVG waves